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Things that get on my wick (1 of lots)

06.17.11 | Permalink | 1 Comment

The Homes and Communities Agency has a mania for sticking up big signs around the land it holds telling, erm, the community, to stay away, because it’s not theirs.  I’ll post a picture when I find the bloody wire that goes between the PC and the camera phone. Hence my email to HACA about land which […]


What has Lancashire County Council got to hide then?

06.15.11 | Permalink | 1 Comment

I sent in a Freedom of Information request to Lancashire County Council last month to try and get a copy of the contract between the County Council and BT for the joint venture company One Connect. I did so because I think the public have a right to know the details of public spending, and because […]


Sex in football

05.25.11 | Permalink | 1 Comment

It looks like Meg, one of the stars of the Dynamo Rangers Madrid Under 12 team, may be able to continue with the team after all next year, if she wants to. The FA has just upheld an appeal on a similar case for a girl in Devon, and decided that the current age limit on […]


Sports report

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I am a huge fan of the Skelmersdale Junior Football league*.  I can’t think of another town in the country, and I know a few, which gets roughly 5% of its total population out on a Sunday morning to play, referee, organise, help at or watch kids’ football.  Viewed simply in those terms, it’s an amazing […]


What I do now (part 1 of lots)

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Right then, the Bickerstaffe Record has been on a little blog holiday, but it’s back and raring to go.  at my last meeting as a councillor bloke, the Tory leader said he’d miss the Bickerstaffe Record.  Not sure why. You don’t have to be a councillor to have a blog, as far as I know. Anyway, […]

Being Labour

LibDem think-a-like-athon

04.21.11 | Permalink | 2 Comments

This amused me. The PCS union wrote to all party leader in the England asking them whether they wanted to sign up to five pledges.  I have just responded for the West Lancs Labour group and I’ll link to it separately when it’s published. There’s a list of Councils in the North West from which responses have been […]

Being Labour

West Lancs Tories: the opposite of Pickles

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West Lancashire Tories have an interesting election strategy.  It goes by the technical term of ‘telling lies’. Here’s their standard election leaflet: A  black hole in West Lancs Labour party’s budget plans would mean a 12% hike in Council Tax for hard-pressed families and vulnerable citizens. Labour are planning to raid the pockets of local […]


Slate farm deferral

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The application for the refurbishment of Slate farm’s buildings, along with a garage structure joining the two, was deferred at last night’s planning committee. After strong representations from residents, the Parish council and even a bit of gabbling from me, the committee accepted the need for more information on a) highway safety esp. the turning […]


Skem crapped on again by Tories as funding bids turned down

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The bid for six million quid to the Regional Growth Fund, submitted by St Modwens (town centre development partner), has been turned down. The bid was aimed at bringing together the Skelmersdale Town Centre project, and is a kick in the teeth for residents of Skelmersdale.  It doesn’t mean the end of the process, but six million […]

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More than one way to skin a Tory

04.05.11 | Permalink | Comment?

The local press asked me for a statement on why I’m standing down as a councillor.  Surprised they’re that interested really, but here it is.  Statement on standing down My original intention had been to seek nomination to stand for a seat for Labour in Ormskirk, in view the family’s intended move, but I decided […]

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