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Man gets job

06.23.09 | Comment?

We’re sorry to be a little late covering this, but it appears the main news from the last couple of days is that a man has got a job in London. 

It is understood that he got the job against competition from 9 other applicants, much lower than the average number of applicants for a job in London at the moment.  There are no reports of the job having been advertised in Job Centres.

According to reports, the job involves sitting in an oversized chair listening to people go on and on for ages about stuff they’ve already decided about, and then let some other peopkle sitting opposite do the same for a while, before going to the bar located in the same building for a few swifties.

Some commentators are suggesting that the man’s job is not new, and that he’s just been relocated in more favourable terms from another position in the organisation.

Yet other commentators, who have asked not to be named for fear of reprisals from the League for Actually Thinking Things Through Properly, have suggested the job is actually really very important, because sitting in a big chair listening to other people talk about stuff, intervening occasionally to stop people shouting, will stop taxpayers’ money being stolen by people involved in a big scam. 

as we go to press, it is unclear how this will happen, and why getting someone to sit in a big chair is a better idea than chucking out all the people involved in the big scam and telling them not to come back.

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