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The first 100 days

08.08.07 | Comment?

Well it’s only 90 odd days since I became Bickerstaffe councillor, but I’m away for a week and a bit now so the 100 days will pass unnoticed otherwise, and it does seem an important mark in any political career nowadays.

So what’s been achieved so far?  to be honest not as much as I’d have liked. 

Yes, there has been a LOAD of indiviudal casework that was waiting for me if I ghot elected and that took up a huge chunk of time in the first six weeks or so, and a lot of it has been dealt with satisfactorily.

 However, I’ve not got into other thornier issues, like Simonswood Estate or road speeds as quickly as I’d have hoped, and I really only feel as though I’ve touched the surface of what needs doing overall.

In addition, I’ll admit that I had a bit of a ‘really, really knackered patch in late June,early July when some of the stuff I wanted to get done I simply didn’t have the odften late night energies for – spirit willing, body weak stuff – though I do feel on better form now (well a holiday from today does help).

 Two things I’ve noticed especially 1) meetings in Counciol are generally formulaic, pre-decided and dull – I was expeeting that and that’s not where the real work is 2) I’ve met sme resistance and even mild hostility in the Council to my getting stuff done for people in Bickerstaffe….. more no’s than yeses to me requests/demands for action so far.

 That’s the challenge for the next 100 days.

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