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06.25.09 | Comment?

I’m currently scripting for your delectation a six part essay provisionally entitled ‘The Fifth Tradition’, in which I explore the future of the Labour party and the left in the context of the urgent need to establish a post-Keynesian paradigm of economic management in the interests of the working class as a replacement to discredited neoliberal laissez faire policies.

But first, I want to address the long standing question of the 319 from St Helens to Southport, via Bickerstaffe.

Basically, it’s great news. folks.  After yonks of trying, after yonks of people at Stockley Crescent and around there not being able to get on the 319 because it’s too full, and even more yonks of people up Rainford Bypass and down Skelmersdale Road having no service at all, things will change on 22 July 2009.

Here’s the new timetable for the service, with the existing Stagecoach service (unchanged) set above a NEW service run by Fairway Travel bringing additional buses to the area.

The key features are:

1) The new Fairway service will run every day, including Sunday.

2) The new Fairway service times are between the Stagecoach ones, making for a total of nine services per day (five on Sunday) going to Southport, and the same going to St Helens

2) While both operators will call the service the 319, the routes through Bickerstaffe are different.

The Stagecach service will still go through Barrow Nook and past Stockley Crescent and along Liverpool Road, while the new service will go straight up the Bypass to Four Lane Ends and along to the Stanley Gate.

This will meet the needs both of people along the bypass and at Four Lane Ends/Skelmersdale Road, for whom there has been no service at all (and a bus stop built by the council for no reason up to now).

It will also, though, relieve the pressure on the Stagecoach service, as many people will want to take the more direct route through Bickerstaffe,  and make the trip from Barrow nook/Stockley Crescent more comfortable.

4) Fairway will use all the current bus stops (including the one opposite Skittle Alley) but will also stop on demand, if the signal is clear enough (and the stop can be made safely, of course).  To assist with this, I have agreed with Fairway Travel that I can send them a map of the places where people are likely to want to get on along the bypass.  I will suggest that a pull into Colliers Rows/Top Colliers Row may be appropriate, though this may not be possible when the bus is going towards Southport (that one to be worked on when the bus starts up).

I have to say it’s a great relief to be able to bring this good news after so long trying to get it sorted.  It was big on my guilty pile.

Please don’t hesitate to comment/question etc etc.

Right, where was Iwith the need to stimulate demand through a more equal relationship between capital and labour.

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