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Tom Harris: Doppelganger

06.25.09 | 1 Comment

I acknowledge fully that I am twice as obsessed as I should be with Tom Harris MP, but now I think I have worked out why.

It’s because there appear to be two of them.

There’s this one, who on Tuesday evening (23 June) was having dinner with friends, making podcasts and then chatting to celebrities at the House of Commons, but who doesn’t say he was speaking at a Progress seminar on individual responsibility.

Then there’s this one, who on Tuesday evening (23 June) was speaking at a Progress seminar individual responsibility.

I’m sure there’s a quite rational explantion for this. 

The most likely one is that he has a doppelganger, though I’m interested to know which one did the speaking and which one the supping. 

All very strange, but the most concerning thing of all is that he might be the only MP to be claiming himself on expenses.  I think that might be a bit a of a scoop.

Well alright then,  I suppose he might just have had his dinner quite late, but that’s not as good an explanation (although it’s still intriguing that he should choose to leave that bit of his evening entirely out of his account of how he spent it).

1 Comment

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