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06.27.09 | Comment?

While looking for something else completely different about Bickerstaffe’s own ‘Bickerbikers‘, which started last week very successfully, I came upon this very good looking project for getting children onto their bikes in an area of ‘Chicago’s near northwest side’ (according to its excellent looking Redevelopment Corporation). 

It’s called Bickerbikes.

‘Carpe diem’ is my motto, at least when I’m feeling energetic, so I’ve emailed them to bring to their attention the naming coincidence, with a view to further internet-based engagement and friendship.

If I’ve got anything to do with it (and I might) this little naming coincidence might just lead to deep and longlasting bike-based twinning arrangements between our rural bit of West Lancashire and a place which once suffered:

‘widespread housing deterioration, abandonment and arson…. As factories closed and manufacturing jobs left the area, unemployment soared and some residents fled to the suburbs to pursue jobs. Neighbourhoods quickly eroded, threatened by gangs and crime.’

They might have a thing or two to tell us about the sup-prime mortgage industry as well as about the art of turning right safely on the grid layout of streets they’ve got there (we can teach them the art of taking quite sharp donwhill bends without falling off or bashing into a fellow rider).

It all sounds very televisual and sponsorable if you ask me, and I quite fancy the idea of regular exchange trips, especially as I’ve never been to the United States. 

Anyone any ideas on who’d like to sponsor/televise such stuff?  (I have a cunnning plan myself that I’ll tell you about in a few days, but contributions welcome).

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