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Stroppyblog must apologise now

06.29.09 | 2 Comments

I’ve generally got a good deal of time for Stroppy of Stroppyblog, notwithstanding some differences of emphasis in the debate about whether there must be absolute primacy of the working class in the struggle of the Left.

But this time she has gone to far. 

In a post which will have Bob Piper in paroxysms, and Norman Geras in something in a vortex of rage, Stroppy has called cricket boring

And as for Shamik Das and Reverse Swing Manifesto, heaven only knows how they’ll react.  All I can say is that the blogopshere will be a very different, more hostile place after this.

Stroppy goes on to try and soften the blow by talking about how worthwhile a game between Hopi and LRC will be, given the batting and bowling solidarity with Iranian trade unionists; and of that element I’m in full support. 

Indeed, I’m even now trying to remember what box in the attic I put my whites in, and deciding whether I’ll bowl some of these new fangled slower balls and even slow bouncers (called long hops in my day) that they’re always going on about, or stick with the tried and trusted method of hurling it down as fast as my aging limbs will allow.

But this good cause notwithstanding, Stroppy knows she has committed a blog crime of considerable proportions, and she should apologise now before it gets any worse.

In fact she could do worse than arrange a television interview in which she waves a signed bat around, says how much she really loves cricket really, and how she feels she feels so terrible for having let everyone down really badly.   She should repeat the act about 10 days later with a Manchester Evening News interview.


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