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07.22.09 | Comment?

Further to the discussion on membership values and beliefs at Though Cowards Flinch place (see comments):


‘The reason for the campaign for democracy in the Labour party has grown is the experience of Labour governments, particularly the last one. I was not so optimistic about the government as many other people but large numbers of the rank and file had high hopes and the bitter disappointment of that government made people ask ‘What’s the party for? How can the aspirations of the leadership be so removed from aspirations of the rank and file?’…..To believe in socialism and and fight for a government to bring it about and when you get that government to find them implementing Tory policies!…..The real Tories do it better, your own supporter put you there to do something different and so you end up with no support at all.


I think it’s true that Labour has lost support both in membership and in election terms but I place the responsibility for that on the leadership of the party.’

Ruth Aylett, interviewed in Rank and File byHugh Jenkins (1980) a collection of ‘voices’ from Putney Constituency Labour Party.  See pages 90-91.






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