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07.24.09 | 2 Comments

I am tempted to write lots and lots of posts about lots and lots of things. 

I would like to write about Tom Harris’s latest fact-free assault on leftie straw people, in which he believes shouting ‘the poor should get a work ethic’ is a sound policy solution, and that the left have no understanding of the link between worklessness and deprivation.

I would like to write an appraisal of Jon Cruddas, comparing him not to Ernie Bevan (as a somewhat starstruck Hopi does), and more to the muddle-headed professorial Chantal Mouffe, ready to deliver well-meaning but unwitting and significant damage to the development of a coherent leftwing response to the next phase of capitalism, a rather more savage stage than the one we’ve just had.

I would like to write about the victory by the Greens in a Brighton by-election, which makes them a serious player in who might run the council post 2011.

I would like to write lots of things.

But I’m not going to as I’ve got some other big writings to do elsewhere.  Some of them will end up here in time.

See you next week sometime, maybe.


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