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Tory electoral strategy unravelling before our very eyes

10.18.09 | 4 Comments

I try not to make a habit of simply linking to newspaper stories, because that’s not proper blogging, but on this occasion I’ll make an exception; with much of the leftie blogosphere still focused on Jan Moir scandal, I’m not sure the story of the Tories’ electoral strategy unravelling before our very eyes is getting the attention it deserves.

After a conference speech in which Cameron defied any normally accepted sense of logic by arguing that the recession was the fault of ‘big government’, and having seen their poll lead slip as a direct result of the kind of crap the Tories came out with at conference,  the Sunday Telegraph now reports that they are getting very nervous about having to discuss anything even vaguely relevant to the real world before the election, as they might get found out.

Thus, although they made the initial demands for a Cameron-Brown televised debate, they are now getting cold feet.  Labour has proposed having debates about specific policy issues, including the management of the economy, but as the Telegraph itself puts it:

‘Mr Cameron believes that the Labour strategy is to have so many debates that the Tories will eventually unravel under the sheer volume of questions.’

Questions, presumably like: ‘why are you adovating an economic strategy which most sane economists think would be utterly, utterly disastrous for the country?’

So, as Carlo, a commenter on Luke’s blog has stated sagely:

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Stuff that up your bicycle pump, Lord Gaga! The poor, sad Tories think they’re heading for a 1997-style landslide. Instead it looks like hung Parliament time. Watch the panic set in any time now!

Actually, beautifully put, but not that sagely.  The Tories are so bad, when it gets serious about stuff, that Labour might win.


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