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Cameron top 10 ‘total arse’ episodes

10.20.09 | 1 Comment

I see amateur blogger Iain Dale has followed Liberal Conspiracy’s ‘top 10’ lead (i. e. mine) with a Gordon Brown-based effort.

Daley’s is a bit rubbish, to be honest, but you can’t blame the lad for trying to spice up a waning blog by modelling his stuff on an increasingly popular one.   

We’re always happy to help struggling bloggers here at the Record, so for his further instruction on lively blogging, here’s the way he might have approached it, but this time with the focus on David Cameron and his top 10 ‘making a total arse of himself’ episodes:

10.  Not knowing how many houses he’s got, only a while after John McCain made the same mistake.

9.  Being photographed by Dave Osler.

8.  Getting embroiled in a doctored photo fiasco in relation to some now embarrassing pictures of him being an arrogant-looking git at university.

 7.  Pretending he’s all green on his bike, when it’s total bollox.

 6.  Pretending he’s all green, in the Arctic, having flown there on a big jet for  photo opportunities.

 5.  Being racist towards Germans with a faux ‘Nazi’ accent, in just the same way you’d expect Prince Bloody Philip to do.

 4.  Getting new  post-Phillip Blond intellectual  gurus Taleb and Thaler all mixed up in his desperation to look up to date with the latest shallow thinking.

 3.  Talking about how ‘shameful’ it is to victimize lone parents  despite, being fully in support of victimizing them really.

 2.  Saying the UK might default on its debt, which would be utterly irresponsible and mean that no one would lend us any more money , if he was at all believable. Fortunately, he’s not.

 1. Saying the recession was because of ‘big government’ and not mentioning banks and things at all, and trying to look serious while doing so.

 There you go, Daley.  You’ve got to make it snappy.  Best of luck with the blog mate.

1 Comment

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