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Bickerstaffe Record embroiled in Biscuitgate

10.21.09 | Comment?

News reaches the team at the Bickerstaffe Record that Cameron has used Prime Minister Question to accuse GB of not being very choosy about biscuits.  Or something.

This silly question emanates directly from this silly post by silly Tory blogger Iain Dale, who blogged sillily about it yesterday.

Being at the forefront of the crack Labour HQ biscuit incident rebuttal team, the Bickerstaffe Record swung into action, with a detailed post pointing out that Iain Dale is not only silly, but that his posts are rubbish, and not as good as our one about the 10 arsiest things done by David Cameron, all of them much arsier than not giving a monkey’s about biscuits.

This post was copied over on to Liberal Conspiracy, where the notion propagated by rightwingers, that leftwingers have no sense of humour while they have absolutely super duper ones, was conclusively dismissed, as leftwinger saw the funny side and the rightwingers whined and called the Bickerstaffe Record ‘pathetic’.

We now fully expect next PMQs to have a bit where GB patiently tells Cameron the difference between Thaler and Taleb, and then not to be so silly in PMQs again.

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