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A revolting Tory

11.11.09 | 1 Comment

Now then, the team at the Bickerstaffe Record’s been beavering behind the scenes, but not posted much recently. 

Well, when I say ‘not much’, I mean  ‘nothing’.  Not a bean.  Or a sausage.

So full throttle ahead for some thrilling investigative reporting, finely tuned analysis, and breaking news items which will have you all the edge of your computer seats.

But first, here’s a completely standard press release about a Conservative councillor in North Meols ward resigning the Conservative whip and carrying on (ooh, I say, madam!) as an independent.

Labour group comment on resignation by Cllr Dr Vickers of Conservative party whip

     The Labour group has become aware of Cllr Vickers resignation of the Conservative party whip, and this has now been confirmed on the West Lancashire Borough Council website.

     Clearly we are not familiar with all the Conservatives’ intra-party disputes, and nor do we wish to be; our job is not to worry about conservative party machinations, but to hold the Conservative administration to account for its poor decision making and the impact this has on the lives of the people of West Lancashire.
     If Cllr Vickers now recognises that Conservative policies are not ones he can stand behind, all the better, although we do have to question why he chose to stand as their representative in the first place.
    It is a matter for Cllr Vickers as to whether he resigns his seat to seek a new mandate from the people of North Meols, and nothing we say will have any influence on his decision. If he does so, the Labour Party will contest the seat vigorously, as we believe the best representation the people of North Meols could get is from a councillor that belongs to a party committed to the delivery of decent public services in all parts of the borough.

1 Comment

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