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Getting closer to speed limits in Bickerstaffe

01.21.10 | Comment?

Further to this and before that this, and before them more posts and letters than you shake a hot dinner at, here’s my consultation response about proposed speed limits in Bickerstaffe (and Simonswood) which I seem to have been campaigning for most of my life:

Dear x (Head of Legal Team at Lancs County Council who put out the traffic orders for consultation, but gets anonymity courtesy like all officers on this blog)

    I am writing with my comments on the proposals set out with your letter of 10 December 2009 for speed limit revocations and limiting measures of various roads in Bickerstaffe. I did not receive this directly, but via the good offices of Bickerstaffe Parish Council, and would ask that my name be added to the circulation list for future consultation like this.

     Schedule 1 (Revocation) and schedule 2 – Liverpool Road (A506)

      Schedule 3 Bowkers Green Lane, Liverpool Road and Simonswood Lane

      I welcome the imposition of a 50mph limit along this length of Liverpool Road, and am sure this will be welcomed be residents.

      I welcome the imposition on Bowkers Green Lane but wonder whether it might be extended past Fogg’s House on this lane as 36 m seems inordinately a short.

      While I welcome a 50mph limit on Simonswood Lane as part of the Liverpool Road reduction package, I think it would make a great deal of sense in view of road conditions (narrow and twisting) on Hall Lane (which Simonswood Lane becomes over the M58 bridge) to make the whole length of road from the Liverpool Road junction right through to the Knowsley border into, at the very least a 50mph zone, and preferably a 40mph. It is likely that in time this stretch will be reduced in limit in any event.
      Reference is made to a 50mph limit as far as Long Lane, but I would also like to see a 50mph limit imposed on the length of Hall Lane itself.

    Best regards


    Paul Cotterill, Councillor for Bickerstaffe Ward











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