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02.16.10 | Comment?

Further to this post, below is the text of my letter to residents in Barrow Nook, Church Road, Stockley Crescent, Heyescroft and Liverpool Road (and the opportunity taken for a quick update on speed limits).  The template letter for ‘cutting and pasting’ is at the bottom.

16 February 2010

Dear resident

Stagecoach review of 319 service via Barrow Nook and Stockley Crescent

As you may have learned, Stagecoach is currently undertaking a ‘review’ of its 319 service.  I am grateful to those local residents who told me about this, via conversations with the driver, as Stagecoach has not informed me despite dealings with them in the past.  I have confirmed that the review is taking place, and have had a promise that I will be informed of the result as soon as it is known.

There is no reason for immediate concern about the future of the service, as any changes would, I understand, be brought in a few weeks after the review.  The review is, of course, of the whole length of the route between St Helens and Southport.

However, given the importance of the service to many residents in Barrow Nook, Stockley Crescent and along Liverpool Road (incl. Heyescroft), I think it is wise to raise our concerns with Stagecoach about ANY negative change to the service.

As first steps I have written to Stagecoach myself setting out the need for the continuation of the service, but not have not yet received a reply.  I have alerted Rosie Cooper, our MP’s, office about the issue, and have secured agreement that the Housing Division of the council will write to Stagecoach given the importance of the service for residents of the council accommodation at Stockley Crescent.

As a further step, I am proposing a letter-writing campaign to ensure that Stagecoach are fully aware of the strength of support, and need, for the 319 service.  To that end, I attach a template letter for you to complete if you so wish, though of course you are quite entitled to draft your own letter and send it off.  The text of the template is on my website at  if you prefer to ‘cut and paste’.

It would be useful to have an idea of how many letters are going off, and therefore to collate them first before they go off.  To facilitate this, please do either post them/drop them off to me (address above) or to Parish Councillor Jennie Currie at 34 Barrow Nook Lane, or leave with the warden at the Stockley Crescent residents’ room, from where I will collect them.

I do hope you will be able to support this small but important campaign. Even if you are not a user of the service yourself, I’m sure you will appreciate the importance of the service to the community of Bickerstaffe as a whole, and take a few minutes to act in support of those people who do depend on the service.

Speed limit update

I will also just take the opportunity to confirm the latest position on speed limits in the area also covered by this bus route.

As you may be aware from previous correspondence I ‘successfully appealed against the County Council’s decision to keep Liverpool Road as a 40mph zone as part of its Lancashire-wide review of A and B road limits.  Unfortunately, a mistake was then made when the necessary legal documentation was prepared, and the official notice that followed was for a change from 40mph to 40mph!  Fortunately I spotted the error and the correct notice has now been issued.  I understand the 30mph will come into place in the next few months.

Church Road and Hall Lane were not considered as part of this A and B road review, but I stressed the importance of honouring earlier promises anyway and the final report from the council indicated that ‘The potential to introduce 30mph speed limits on Church Road and Hall Lane, Bickerstaffe would be explored at the same time following the conclusion of this review.’  I have had verbal assurance from the officer in charge that this will lead to a 30mph recommendation, and am pressing the case for the change to made at the same time as that to Liverpool Road.

Barrow Nook has not yet been assessed, as it was not part of the A and B road review, but I will keep pressing the point, when these roads are formally reviewed, that they clearly fall within the criteria for a 30mph limit set by the Department for Transport.

Yours sincerely

 Paul Cotterill, Councillor for Bickerstaffe Ward


Template letter

 Operations Director,Stagecoach Merseyside

Bus Depot, East Lancashire Road

L11 0BB


February 2010


Dear Sir

Review of 319 service – Barrow Nook and Stockley Crescent 

I understand that the 319 service from St Helens to Southport via Barrow Nook is currently being reviewed.

I am writing in support of the continuation of this bus service.  I cannot stress enough how essential the service is to the people of Barrow Nook, Church Road, Stockley Crescent, Heyescroft and Liverpool Road, and how devastating it would be if it were to be lost, or even if the service were reduced. 

In particular, I would point out that one of the key reasons why the council’s sheltered accommodation at Stockley Crescent was established in the first place was that it was on this bus route. 

Quite simply, if this route is lost it will mean that many residents both in Stockley crescent and elsewhere, will have great difficulty in continuing to live in the area.  The 319 service should be considered just as much a public utility as water or electricity, and maintained accordingly.

I do hope you will consider my and other residents’ concerns as part of your review.

Yours sincerely

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