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02.28.10 | Comment?

I did this post on top ten Tory nonsenses spouted at the budget setting council meeting on Wednesday in response to the Labour budget speech. 

But I forgot one.

11) Labour is proposing to double the budget expenditure on refuse collection.

Nope, they weren’t listening.  This is what I said:

We’re putting in a reasonable sum to the Street Scene Division to develop and pilot ways in which the refuse collection service can be improved; while many councils continue to offer a weekly bin collection service, this administration has simply decided this is not achievable, or even desirable. Once again, it has opted out of responsibility for sorting out the things its residents actually want. 

What we’ll do is offer up this investment in the context of the Street Scene director’s thinking around ‘area by area’ collections, with the challenge that moving to this ‘clear it all, then move on’ approach might develop enough economies of fuel and time that areas can start to be revisited for refuse collection more frequently.

Well, poor Tories! They had to spout on about the Labour budget.  There was nothing at all in theirs.  As my colleague Neil has said to me before the meeting:

This Council has got its cuts in early and 57 staff have already lost their jobs. Given the size of the sum held in reserves this Council can easily deliver a freeze on this years Council Tax.

It remains to be seen whether or not they will listen to our demands but so far all we’ve been promised is more wheelie bins and free portable ashtrays.

Well, Neil, at least you can count on them to be shortsighted.

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