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Tory councillor resignation

03.17.10 | Comment?

The news came through on the wires last night that Geoff Hammond, Tory Councillor in Scott ward, Ormskirk, had resigned with immediate effect, meaning that there will be a by-election on 06 May for the seat.

This means that there will be two Scott ward council seats contested on that day.  Labour will be contesting them vigorously. 

A word about Geoff, though.

I have no idea why he’s resigned, and I’m not going to try and make political capital out of it.  Hardly at all.

While I didn’t speak to him other than to exchange the odd passing pleasantry, whenever I heard him speak at meetings he seemed to be a reasonable kind of bloke.  He was also the best chair of a meeting I’ve seen under the Tories – calm, organised and respectful of the rights of both sides in a debate.

I know many of my colleagues thought he was a decent enough bloke too; I even heard suggestion that he was uncomfortably located in an increasingly rightwing local Tory party.

But I’m getting into second-guessing.

I wish Geoff well in whatever comes next for him.  He is clearly a bloke of  acumen and capacity.

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