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It only seems fair

03.22.10 | 1 Comment

David, the journalist at the Champion that I mildly took the piss out of the other day has written a post on his blog (occasionally writ but very good when he does) in response.

He makes clear that he knows perfectly well the difference between Knowsley ward and Knowsley borough, and that his wording was entirely legitimate.

And so it is. 

I was only having a laugh.  It seemed funny at the time. Less so, now, I admit.

To be fair, I wasn’t the one who spotted it; it was showed to me by a constituent who also thought it looked like it referred to Val Hopley as being a Knowsley Borough Council councillor, as opposed to a Knowsley borough councillor, if you get my drift.

Anyway, no harm done, and I at least get to link to David’s blog again in he hope that the thousands upon thousands of readers he’ll get via the link will encourage him towards regular blogging.

Well, no harm if he doesn’t take it out on me in this week’s paper.  Here’s hoping.

By the way, David has apparently just enjoyed a dirty weekend.  We await details.

1 Comment

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