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Tory posters: jumping on the landwagon

04.15.10 | Comment?

I’ve no problem with Lord Derby.  He’s certainly been very helpful over both the recent illegal encampment issue and with previous flooding problems in the Bickerstaffe area.

But I’ve now heard a couple of people in my Bickerstaffe wanderings questioning the equity of the election campaign ‘poster war’, when most of the Tory ones appear to be conveniently located on Lord Derby’s land all across West Lancashire.  

Yes, he’s the patron of the West Lancs Tories, so he’s quite likely to support the Tories publicly, but is it absolutely fair that the Tories should get all that poster space on main roads, when Labour gets the windows of ordinary people?

In fact,  contrary to Tory expectations, I think the message going out from their posters might be less ‘Vote Tory, look at how many lovely blue posters we’ve got up’ and more:

Ah right, typical Tories. We know whose interests they will be protecting if elected.  Yup, the interests of Lord Derby and Lord Sleaze of Belize.  One’s ploughing the cash in, the other’s using his ploughed fields.

Anyway, I’m just got my giant placard this afternoon to put in my very ordinary, but very freehold, front garden (well it wouldn’t be seen in my big back garden). It says VOTE LABOUR on it.

So if you want to join the poster campaign for the many, not for the few, just let me know and I’ll sort it for you.  Or you can just ring the friendly people at the Labour campaign hotline on 01695 570094, and they’ll sort you a poster, or even a garden stake.

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