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Exclusive: Bickerstaffe Record media takeover plans revealed

04.16.10 | Comment?

The Bickerstaffe Record has taken its first step towards Murdoch-style domination of British news media.

In a move which has taken many established but behind-the-times ‘new media’ pundits off guard, the Bickerstaffe Record’s tweet account ‘Bickerrecord’ today received huge nationwide publicity in the free Metro newspapers (hat tip Charlie109) in at least London, the North West and Yorkshire (hat tip Maggie Thatcher).  

News of wider coverage is likely to emerge as the day proceeds.

The featured tweet, in which the Bickerstaffe Record news group succinctly but devstatingly tore to shreds the glossy but fundamentally shallow ancedote-favouring debating style of Mr Cameron, is thought likely by many political commentators to have severely damaged the Conservatives chances at the fortcoming election. 

In addition to its postive impact on the political future of the country, it is also likely to have far-reaching consequences for the media as we know it.

Bickerstaffe Record Newgroup (BRNG) exective editor and undervice-president Paul Cotterill commented:

Yes, I can confirm that this is a first step in a carefully co-ordinated strategy to take over all media outlets in the UK.  The Metro group’s decision to select the Bickerrecord tweet from around 40,000 tweets sent with the leaders’ debate ‘hashtag, as it is known by tweeters, was of course not a coincidence but reflects the Metro’s desire to subject itself voluntarily to the new editorial line which it will soon be taking anyway.

 Clearly our next steps to establish BRNG as the leading force in the UK media industry must remain ‘commercial-in-confidence’ for now, or so we are advised by our top legal team, but I can say that we do plan to have knocked NewsInternational inc. off its perch by the end of June.

Cllr Anthony McKeown, a well-known blogger in his own right, broke the news of the media breakthrough in the North West, and told us:

This is great news for all left-leaning people, and for the country in general.  

For too long the media has been dominated by rightwing numpties, and it is great to know that properly committed leftwing journalism is now coming to the fore.  It is particularly exciting for the footballing community of Gameseley, in my home area, as there is already promise that BRNG will be sponsoring our set up and helping them to take on the likes of Arsenal and Inter Milan in the next couple of seasons.

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