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Bickerstaffe residents fuming as Cameron refuses to pretend to have visited

04.16.10 | Comment?

Bickerstaffe residents are up in arms after it emerged today that Conservative leader David Cameron has not pretended to have visited the Bickerstaffe area in the last few days.

One pensioner, who declined to be named for fear she might be forced to work extra hours in the Tories’ new neighbourhood army, were they to be elected and try to set up such a ridiculously, overbearing scheme in which every single adult in the UK is expected to take part (p.37 of Tory manifesto)  may have spoken out bravely about Cameron’s refusal to pretend to visit Bickerstaffe recently.

This is a real kick in the teeth for all Bickerstaffe people. 

Cameron”s quite happy to pretend to have visited a Hull police station the other day, and make up stories about cars and stuff.  He’s even pretended to have met a bloke who must have been 10 when he joined the Navy if Cameron wasn’t telling utter porkies.

But  for Bickerstaffe to get no mention at all in his completely made-up stories is a huge insult.  I was going to vote Labour anyway, but I’ll certainly be doing so now.

I’ve got a cob on, me.

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