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Labour councillor saves dying child in cynical attempt to garner votes for his party

04.23.10 | Comment?


Yeah, yeah, I know it was twenty years ago, but this picture’s only just come to light, sent to be by an American photographer, John Trotter, who happened to be there to record the scene.

I’d never seen the photo before, as John only recently got in touch.  It shows me and colleagues resuscitating a young girl who’d been carried in by her dad, pretty well dead from choleric dehydration. While resuscitating we’re also trying to get IV lines into what are left of her veins.

The photo was taken in May 1991 on a Kutub Dia, an outlying Bangladeshi island in the Ganges Delta, where we set up a field hospital in the aftermath of a giant cyclone which killed 150,000 people.  The cholera stuff came as expected a couple of weeks later because of contaminated water supplies.

I’m the one in the blue shirt.  I’m guessing from the shot that this is after we’ve managed to get the first lines in, and are holding them as high as possible to get as much fluid in to the vein as quickly as possible.  Just behind me is Catriona, who I think may still be mouth-to-mouthing.  Syed is crouched over the girl looking to get a third line in.

Seems like yesterday.  Not.

Anyway, vote Labour.  We care about people.

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