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Fury at possible Tory plans for ‘constitutional coup’

05.14.10 | 2 Comments

Labour councillors in West Lancashire have reacted with fury to the possibility that the local Conservative administration may change its constitution in a despicable attempt to remain in power, in spite of voters sending them packing.

Labour group leader, Cllr Paul Cotterill, said:

‘I am absolutely furious at what West Lancashire Conservatives may be planning.  To change the constitution to require that Labour hold more than 55% of seats before taking over control of the council would be simply astonishing gerrymandering by the Tories.’

Cllr Cotterill was making reference to the new national coalition  government’s devious constitutional device to stay in power at all costs even when their deal with the utterly unprincipled LibDems falls apart, as it is bound to do quite soon.  Under the proposed new constitution-busting arrangements, the Tories will be able to remain in government even if every other MP in the house votes against them doing so.  Conservative claims that the the proposals are a ‘big giving up of power’, rather than an astonishing abuse of it, were thought by most sane commentators to be utter, rampant bollox .

Cllr Cotterill, who oversaw a stupendously brilliant local election campaign that saw Labour make four gains in West Lancashire, continued:

This constitutional jiggery-pokery, if enacted in West Lancashire, would mean we would need to gain three extra seats from the Tories before restoring sensible and responsible local government to the area. 

While this is not an insurmountable problem given how people really are beginning to realise that the Tories have consistently failed to act in the interests of their citizens, it shouldn’t have to come to this.’

It is thought quite likely that West Lancashire Tories may deny absolutely they are planning such a constitutional coup, as well as rejecting entirely any suggestion that they might give up regular elections totally and only have the odd one when they feel like it.

However, the administration’s capacity for reporting accurately on its own activities has come into great doubt in recent days, after it emerged that they had just been less than forthright with the facts about concessionary rail travel for older people, as well as telling blatant fibs about Labour in their election material in spite of clear and incontrovertible documentary proving that the Tories are either very naughty or very stupid, or both.

We thought about contacting famous bloggers Tom Harris and Iain Dale for comment, as they have both expressed their concern about the national gerrymandering situation.  However, it was tea-time, and people don’t like being disturbed during their tea, so we let it go.


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