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Representing Bickerstaffe – give us your views

01.26.07 | Comment?

(This is the article printed in the Winter ‘07 Bickerstaffe Record. A longer ‘discussion document’ on how Bickerstaffe Ward might best be represented by a Ward Councillor, and of course why I think it should be me – the Labour party prospective candidate – who should be the Ward Councillor, will appear shortly. Comments are welcome)

As the Bickerstaffe Record has never been slow to point out, the time is approaching fast when the people of Bickerstaffe Ward get to choose who will represent them on the Council for the next four years. Election day is Thursday 03 May.

Clearly, we hope you’ll vote for the person with the consistent record of delivery in Bickerstaffe, prospective Labour candidate Paul Cotterill, the candidate who clearly doesn’t just knock on your door when he wants your vote! And clearly, we hope he’ll win this time, and win with a record turnout. In anticipation, we’d like your views on:
• When and where should councilor surgeries be held;

• How best would a Ward Councillor support the work of the three Parish Councils;

• The balance between respecting households’ ‘quiet life’ and ensuring that every household is contacted regularly to see if there are issues to be resolved;

• How we can make best use of the new website to pick up on issues and create discussion within the community, while recognizing that not everyone have access to the internet, or want to use it for that purpose;

• How best to balance attention to ‘case work’ with work on wider development projects.

You can either contact Paul directly with your thoughts, or join the special discussion forum at our website

We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope you’ll do your bit by electing a councilor in May who has delivered for Bickerstaffe, and want to do much more.

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