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Tories and the ‘oxygen of publicity’

10.23.10 | Comment?

It’s difficult to know where to start with the coverage of the Tories’ range of bizarre statements and behaviour at Full Council on Wednesday night, and I’ve simply not had time to do much so far. 

There’ll be plenty of coverage over the weekend, with a special focus on how the Tories betrayed the people of West Lancashire on housing, not once, but twice in thie evening.

But just to get going, let’s start with the refusal by the Tory Street Scene spokesman to answer a very straightforward question from one of our councillors, Barry Nolan, about whether he thought the council had done enough to ensure wheelie bin fires in the borough, especially given the approach of bonfire night.

Not a silly question. Not a trick question. Just a straight question from a councillor seeking information on a matter of concern to her constituents.

He shouldn’t ask that question, said the Street Scene spokesman, because it will give the fire-starters ‘the oxygen of publicity’, so I’m not going to give you answer.

Utterly ridiculous, smug “I’m in control and I’ll make the point of not responding to show i’m in control” pettiness, and a reflection of the Tories’ contempt for both due process in Council and of what people in West Lancashire are actually interested in.

And then what do we get in the weekly email from the Chief Executive two days later?

[A]s part of the ongoing drive to combat graffiti across the Borough, is holding a Graffiti Week…… This will be the first in a number of Graffiti Week events that will help to improve the environment for residents and it will also help to get the message out that graffiti is an anti-social and unacceptable activity.

The ‘oxygen of publicity’ for graffiti artists, straight out of the Street Scene spokesman’s very own department!

It’s ok when it’s him providing the oxygen, apparently.

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