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The meaning of inaccuracy

11.01.10 | 1 Comment

There’s an email floating about in hyperspace, from a senior Tory councillor to a West Lancashire citizen, which says that I have “an often stated wholly inaccurate opinion on the matter of the Council’s reserves”.

I’m not sure what this means.   Reserves, it seems to me, either exist or they don’t.

The suggestion that I deal in “inaccuracies” is not new.  Nor is the refusal of the Tories actually to set out what these inaccuracies might be.  I’m still waiting to be told where the supposed inaccuracies are in this report from nearly three years ago, despite the then Leisure Portfolio Holder’s view   that it contained them being plastered all over the front page of the paper.  I suspect I’ll be waiting a while.

I’m not too fussed about my integrity coming under unjust attack.  That’s what Tories do.

What marks out this latest attack, though, is that it’s effectively a further attack on the Council’s own staff.  

My only significant statement (I’m not sure where the ‘often repeated’ notion comes from) on the use of the Council’s reserves came in the Labour budget statement I made back in February.  Back then, this same Tory councillor suggested that the Labour budget had not been checked over for accuracy by officers. 

As I said at the time:

I have quite clear email confirmation from officers that both the proposals presented to council and the budget speech accompanying the proposals were perfectly in order.  The accusation thrown by the portfolio holder is not only an attack on the professionalism of the officers he had only just thanked in his speech, but also reveal a poor ability to conceive of anything other than the Tories’ own narrow thinking on how to run a Council. 

Now, in his desperation to redefine the meaning of “inaccurate”, he’s at it again.


1 Comment

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