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Skelmersdale Road speed campaig update

11.02.10 | Comment?

I’ve had a note in from a County Highways officer trying, in a very polite way, to get out of a meeting about the urgent need for a lower speed limit on Skelmersdale Road:

I took the above issue (speed reduction request) to the Traffic Liaison Meeting where it was discussed at length as to whether a 30mph speed reduction would be a viable proposal.

Unfortunately it wasn’t supported by members at the meeting, including the Police.

There are a number of reasons for this:

Skelmersdale Road is a B road which was considered as part of the A&B road speed reduction assessments and the conclusion of such assessments was that “The existing speed limit was to be retained, No speed reduction was considered necessary”

I then had a look at it to see if it qualified for villages (20 houses or more ) which would make it possible to consider a speed reduction and there weren’t enough houses any where on this road for it to meet the definition of a village

The accident record is not a bad one with only 3 slight accidents in the last 5 years. In light of this, If you still wish to do a site visit then please let me know.

Yes, I do want a site visit. I knew all this already, having read the A&B spped review carefully and made representations on it.  The judgment is wrong, as the officer will see on the site visit.  That’s why I asked for the site visit.

However, I should say that this is a very good summary note on his interpretation of the situation, and that kind of assiduity is always welcome.

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