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Top 5 Tory oddnesses

02.04.11 | 3 Comments

There’s a lot to cover from last night’s Executive Overview and Scrutiny meeting, but I do have a living to earn so for now here’s the top 5 Tory strangenesses from the meeting:

5) Constant references to the ‘Ormskirk option’ (Option A) for development under the Local Development Framework, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Option C also includes options for development next to Ormskirk, just at the other end of town;

4) Voting against a proposal to send a comment to Cabinet suggesting that the four year business plan going to Full Council might benefit from having a budget in it;

3) Accusing the Labour leader of, erm, being the Labour leader;

2) Passing an amendment to Cabinet’s decision on the LDF, so that instead of the public being consulted on three strategic options (the Labour proposal) or two options (the Tory Cabinet decision), the public will now be consulted on two options, but also with another option added into the consultation which is an option, but not really an option because Cabinet voted against it being an option, but on which people can comment as though it were an option. 

This is, in Toryworld, less confusing for the public than having three options, because the public needs to be protected from itself.

1) The Older People’s Champion voting against the idea of consulting with older people.


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