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Tory councillor bolts stable door 12 months after horse has bolted

02.11.11 | Comment?

Just when you think West Lancashire’s Tories can’t get any more incompetent, I go and get copied into this email from one in Burscough, aimed at the Planning Officer who’s currently preparing a response to the final consultation stage of the Lancashire Minerals and Waste Development Framework:

I am surprised that no objections are made to the continued proposal to locate a built waste repository in Burscough Industrial Estate, given the need specified in the LDF for additional Industrial land required in Burscough under any and all of the options being considered.

This is the same Tory councillor who sat in an Executive Overview & Scrutiny meeting on 4th February 2010 and heard me and Labour colleagues argue the case for the Burscough Industrial Estate as a site about which the Council should express its concerns on exactly those grounds he now sets out, 12 months too late.

This is the same Burscough Tory who then decided what Labour councillors had to say on the matter was worthless, and voted with his colleagues AGAINST the following call-in recommendation made by five Labour councillors:

That comments in relation to those reflecting initial views at Paragraph 6 of the [Cabinet] report be expanded, specifically in relation to the wider waste management issues, including sites other than White Mossand the relationship to the emerging Local Plan for West Lancashire.

In Bickerstaffe Ward,  where there is a single Labour councillor (erm, me), enough of a fuss had been made (by, erm, me) to ensure that officers brought a supplementary report to the Executive Overview & Scrutiny meeting, setting out objections to a built waste facility at Simonswood Industrial Estate (in Bickerstaffe).  This now means that more specific objections can legitimately be raised, 12 months later, about the technical ‘soundness’ of the proposals. 

There’s a reason I do detail.

In Burscough, however, four (at the time) Tory councillors between them couldn’t get it together to speak up for their residents on this important matter, and even voted Labour councillors down when they tried to intervene on Burscough’s behalf.

Shocking incompetence at the time. Even worse hypocrisy now.

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