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Winter Record now online

01.26.07 | Comment?

The Winter 2007 edition of the Bickerstaff eRecord will be going online today, as soon as I’ve done a bit of technology mastering. The copy will be more or less the same as on the printed and house-to-house version, but will a) give a ready opportunity to comment b) in time, I hope, be open to a readership wider than Bickerstaffe residents, as people from other areas who have seen the Record over the years have said how much they’d like to see something similar in their area, and it would be nice to be an example of good practice.

The Record is only 4 pages this time around (it’s been 8 in the last year or two). This reflects a change to what I hope will be more regular, ‘breaking news’ style, with the hard copy going out every six weeks or so rather than quarterly (more distribtutors needed for that), with this enhanced by this website, which I hope will become a regular ‘visit the site, see what’s there’ kind o f thing. So there’ll be other stuff appearing on the site, in addition to the Record, over the next few days, including ‘disussion documents’ that are a bit more discursive than there’s room for in the hard copy Record. Tell everyone you know about it etc etc.

Anyway, if you find it interesting, please do take the time to register and post your thoughts/comments. Now I’m off to deal with technology, including trying to work out how to do categories on the site, and upload photos, and all other kinds of exciting stuff



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