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I have moved, apparently

03.23.11 | Comment?

Actually, I haven’t moved.  The housing market is so dire as a result of Osbornomics that it looks like we’ll still be on Sineacre Lane for a little while longer.

Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped the Tory Borough Council producing an electoral register which tells me a) Sineacre Lane no longer exists b) I live in Stopgate Lane, Simonswood.

I glanced at the papers to find my electoral number last night when someone came to get nomination papers signed for the Parish Council, and it came as quite a shock that this has happened.  Indeed, given the fact that my vote was stolen the year I was elected, perhaps I should start to see some kind of conspiracy in it all.

More likely though, it’s some kind of IT mistake, as the software is new at the Council this year.  I’ve notified the Deputy Returning Officer of the disapperance on Sineacre Lane, and I’m promised an email of ‘explanation’ tomorrow. 

Explanation will not in itself be sufficient of course – a new register will be needed or there will be a risk that people on Sineacre Lane won’t receive their polling cards.  My number one job as a councillor, it seems to me, is to ensure that everyone gets their vote.

I’ll update on what happens here anyway.  If it’s happened on one street with the new software (or for any other reason) we need to be certain it’s not part of a wider problem.  

And if there is a wider problem, you can be pretty sure I’ll be seeking to hold the Chief Executive of the Council, who is also Returning Officer, to account.

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