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West Lancs Tories: the opposite of Pickles

04.21.11 | 1 Comment

West Lancashire Tories have an interesting election strategy.  It goes by the technical term of ‘telling lies’.

Here’s their standard election leaflet:

A  black hole in West Lancs Labour party’s budget plans would mean a 12% hike in Council Tax for hard-pressed families and vulnerable citizens.

Labour are planning to raid the pockets of local taxpayers if the win back control of West Lancashire on Masy 5th to plug a £830,000 gap.

This is, needless to say, untrue.  It’s as untrue as last year’s claim that we had proposed a 2% increase, despite very clear documentation of our proposals for a council tax freeze.

The lie is not in itself suprising.  The local Tories have form on dishonesty.

What’s interesting  is that the the £830,000 figure they use if plucked from our budget, in which we’ll say we’ll make judicious use of reserves in 2011-12.  This, in passing, compares pretty well to the £1.7 million the Tories are committing to a ‘restructuring reserve’ i.e. money for redundancies as they cuts services.

So West Lancs Tories are saying we shouldn’t make use of reserves to keep services going.

This is a bit odd, because using reserves to maintain services is precisely what their boss Eric Pickles is suggesting councils should do.

So Labour proposes what Eric Pickles suggests, while the Tories refuse.  It’s a mad world when the local Tories are about.

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