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94 penalties later

06.20.08 | Comment?

My main claim to fame today is that I’m probably the only Labour councillor in Britain to have faced 94 football penalities today, and saved about 60 of them.  The good news is I can still type.  The less good news is my knee hurts more than it did this morning.

The marvellous  head at the marvellous Bickerstaffe C of E Primary School, where I sort-of-coach footie on Tuesdays, and where I’ve been involved as dad, governor and general supporter for a few years now, approached me yesterday about the non-uniform day today, and the plans for a penalty shoot out competition to celebrate Euro 2008.  Would I stand in as a clearly neutral goalie, she asked?  And I couldn’t really turn that offer down, could I?

What she didn’t tell me was the shoot out invovled all of years 3, 4, 5 and 6, all taking three penalities each, and then sudden death to find the winner. 

And they say competitive sport is dead in schools!  

Apologies to my boy Max for turning his top corner bound shot brilliantly on to the bar.  I just had to stretch that little bit further to prove neutrality. 

I’m sure I couldn’t kick a ball that hard when I was 8….

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