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Bickerstock 2008

08.04.08 | 1 Comment

It’s 8am and I’m just back in from Bickerstock 2008, which finished last night.  I agreed to stay on over night to help with security, as we’d been pretty obviously ‘cased’ during the afternoon by some gentlemen who parked up a flat back lorry, walked round the site very deliberately and spent a while looking at the equipment and marquees, then left.   I’d nipped home for a shower when they arrived, but it sounds like they might as well have been carrying tape measures and ‘steal to order’ books.  With police advice we took appropriate measures to block entrances and make sure they knew that we knew, and nothing untoward happened.  Well done to Gordon for the initial sighting amongst the crowds.

 Security aside, Bickerstock was great – bigger and better than Bickerstock 2007, which was better than Bickerstock 2006 which was back in the old days before I was blogger so doesn’t get underlined. 

Like last year, people’s main positive comments were around a) the friendly ambience the like of which they find at no other festival b) the eclecticism of the music and the way Paul D manages to mix it up so well, giving new bands their first break alongside the now veterans and the emerging names c) the truly marvellous local councillor who knows nothing about music at all but is pretty good at waste management organisation behind the scenes.   One of these is made up.

Check out the pictures when they appear on the Bickerstock website, and make a date in your diary for Bickerstock 2009 when we’ve decided when it is – I’ll let you know, but it’s likely to be same kind of time of year.

Anyway, well done to Paul D and all the gang who can remain nameless but know who they are (I think I might even be in their gang, which is really cool for an oldie).

Perhaps the best bit was I finally got my own very limited edition Bickerstock T-shirt, having had to give mine away to a shirt pleader last year.   My constituents, eh?  They’ll have the shirt off my back.

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