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Conservative Council dishonesty – here’s the proof

09.29.08 | 2 Comments

At the weekend I got to review this week’s papers for Executive Overview and Scrutiny meeting, including the review of the 2007-08 revenue outturn.   Not a sparkling read, but it has to be done. 

Here is the relevant bit: ‘Regeneration and Estates – Favourable variance £174,000

Income levels for the division were significantly better than expected mainly because the planned departure of a large tenant from a number of rental units slipped into 2008-09. Also, staff vacancies were held that have produced a large contribution towards the corporate salary savings target.’ 

So, a large amount of money was saved by not filling staff vacancies in the Division, meaning that some important work did not get done.  

The saving was added to working balances for 2008-09, says the report.  But now the Division says it can’t pay for a core Council officer, and is seeking £50,000 in additional funds from the regeneration pot – money that would otherwise be spent on real regeneration activities. That is not an honest way to run a Council.


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