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The betrayal completed, 1633hrs 23 Oct 2008

10.23.08 | Comment?

At 1633hrs I received the following response, via  the Council’s member services, from either the Conservative leader or the Conservative Chairman of West Lancashire District Council (I’m not quite sure which one as there was no name at the bottom):

 I have considered this matter with officers and set out below my conclusions. For your assistance, a copy of the draft resolutions from last week’s meetings is attached.


 If it should subsequently transpire that the funding gap is reduced to a level below that outlined by officers in their report to Cabinet and Council, then I would welcome this, as it would provide less of a hurdle to the implementation of the scheme. However, the information presented by you in response to Mr ……’s request for further information does not establish any firm grounds for:


    addressing the lack of availability of funding from the Council or any external partner;

     reducing the reported gap in the requirement for the implementation; or

           anything else which would cause a need for the decisions arrived at to be    suitable for review.

In view of this I am not prepared to convene a Special/urgent meeting of the Cabinet (or Council).’

To the very end, then, of this sorry matter, the Conservatives have continued to ignore conveniently what they would prefer not to hear. 

So the leader/Chairman says he has consulted with officers (presumably those in Community Services who advised on wrote the original report).  I sent to these same officers all the material set out in part 1 of my analysis of this matter (and that is why I wrote that first) and which cover in some detail the ‘form grounds’ he says he needs in the secon paragraph.

Sadly, he has not taken this submission into account, by the loos of the wording provided, because in that second paragraph he says he is basing his judgment on what I sent to legal services, which is a short summary of the case – not the whole information.  I sent that information to people who could take a view on the leisure issues, and the legal-type information to those in legal services., just as I should have done.

Basically, as throughout the process, there has been a selective and politically motivated reading/hearing of information.

As things stand, there will be no free swimming for undr 16s in West Lancashire.  There will be no £108,000 grant from the government, no possibility of bidding into the £50m capital pot for swimming pool renovation. 

The Conservatives have had their way.  It was the wrong way, and we will shout it loud from the virtual rooftops.

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