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10.28.08 | Comment?

The Chief Executive of West Lancashire District Council is at it again with his videoblog.  A month or few ago I commented on his desire to play the heavy, and how this suited the Conservative Council just fine as it helps them avoid responsibility for actually doing anything. 

Now here he is again,  spending valuable Council money (i.e his well-paid time) telling us that a) he once went in the same car around Ormskirk and Skelmersdale with the now Acting Head of the Metropolitan Police b) how the said Acting Head of Met Police had said the Chief Exechas a much more difficult job, what with all those pesky local politicians.

 Meanwhile, the Chief Executive conveniently ignores the issues which his Council is actually supposed to be responsible for,  and which affect thousands of his residents – like the failure to join the free under 16 swimming programme, and the rise in arrears since the closure of the cash offices.

 But that is not all, oh that – in the manner of Doctor Seuss – is not all.

The Chief Executive also finds tine to speak out about policing stuff in the ‘internal’ weekly email from the Council, which is supposed to keep (according the starting blurb) ‘all the staff and councillors of West Lancs District Council up to date with the latest news and developments’, but which also just happens to be distributed to lots of other people.

There is, in this email, and here in the press report, a much, much more serious matter of whether the Council is actually subverting the criminal  justice system in the interests of its own PR, but that will have to be a tenterhooks issue till my substantive post on the issue,  dear reader. 

As a clue, though, is an ASBO suitable for a criminal offence?

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