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Front pages held as Bickerstaffe Record comments policy reviewed

12.18.08 | Comment?

Tom Harris’s quick comments policy statement has reminded me that I really need to  review mine before the festive period really gets going.

 Now, with an average hit count of around 90,000 per day, rising to around 300,000 when I bother to do a post and there’s words to look at as well as the picture of me and my bike (which incidentally was nicked earlier this year), I obviously get a steady deluge of comments. Latest estimates for comments run at arond 70,000 per month, although some are less comments, more simple statements of adoration. 

My staff do spend a lot of hours on moderation, which I do not bedrudge, but I have asked them to set a pretty high benchmark for what they let through so that the overall high quality remains.  Currently only the very best comments get published.

After a review, I have decided that such a high-standard approach should remain, and while I know this will be a disappointment to many thousands of you who would wish nothing more for Christmas than to have a comment posted on my site, I am sure you will understand that, as ever, quality comes first at the Bickerstaffe Record. 

Those wishing to get any old scabrous comment published at any cost are therefore referred to Guido or some other worthless nutjob.

 ps.  Whoever can reunite me with my bike will get unmoderated comments rights for one month.

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