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Update on Bickerstaffe road speeds and safety schemes

12.23.08 | Comment?

Here are a few quick notes to go with the Christmas leaflet going out around Bickerstaffe tonight and the next few days about the various campaigns for road speed limits and safety schemes.  There will be further coverage in the next edition of the Bickerstaffe Record (hard copy), out soon ( i.e. when I’ve written it).

 1) Liverpool Road from Stanley Gate to Long Lane junction, Church Road, Hall Lane incl. the school area.

This area is STILL due to get a 30mph zone, as promised nearly 2 years ago now by the Council.  I reconfirmed the intention to undertake a formal review of the speed limit last week with the Principal Highways Engineer at the Council, and am pressing for a speedy upkeep of the promise we were given. 

The key obstacle is that, shortly after the speed limit was agreed in isolation because of our continued pressure, the Council decided to review ALL roads in Lancashire with a view to new government guidance (the same that makes us eligible for a 30mph).  This overall review means that they have been focusing on main trunk roads and roads where there have been deaths and injuries.  Staff vacancies are, I understand, currently being filled and this should speed things up.

While obviously I am glad that road speeds are being reviewed across the area, this shouldn’t have got in the way of the promise that was made to us, and I have made my feelings very clearly known on this.  I’ll be pressing on with this matter.

2) A577 Safety Scheme

The outline planning for this scheme along Blaguegate and Dickets and down Plough Lane was undertaken earlier this year.  Detailed planning and consultation is due to take place and I’ll be keeping up the pressure till it happens.  As above, staff vacancies have not helped here.

3) Spa Lane

Initial feedback from the Council is not positive on the potential for getting a lower limit at the moment, I’m sorry to say.   I’ll be copying this feedback to all residents and consulting on further moves.  The road will,though, be resurfaced in February to make it less noisy/bumpy – again more details to follow.

4) Hall Lane, Simonswood

Again, the Council are relucant to atct on this, and we’ll have to keep pressing in the context of the overall review of road speeds (see above).

5) Long Lane

See Hall Lane above – this has been a long term campaign area, but to date without success.

6) Rainford Bypass

As above, though the need is only to bring it own to 60mph rather than the national dual carriageway limit of 70mph.

7) Ben Lane

The key issue here appears to be speeding lorries, and the local police have said they’ll be keeping an eye on the need for lorries to observe a lower limit (50mph) on rural sinlge carriageways.

8) Barrow Nook

My reading of the new speed guidelines is that Barrow Nook IS entitled to a 30mph zome.  As with other areas, it’s simply a question of keeping up the pressure as the review is rolled out by the Council (see above).

9) Winter Gritting

The campaign to get Stopgate Lane/Sineacre Lane back on the preventative (i.e. first cold night) gritting route continues, and the area Engineer has put on record his support for this, given the number of HGVs and general increase in traffic on this route.

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