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12.29.08 | 5 Comments

Right then, that’s enough of that Christmas-mullarkie.  Battered out a funding bid for some left-wingery this morning (more possibly anon if anyone’s interested) and I’m feeling more together than I really should on the first day back after holiday-dom.

There are a few blog-based thoughts swishing about in my head, so I’ll give readers the choice of what comes first up.  You can have:

a) a New Year top 10 of systematic power abuses by West Lancashire District Council in 2008

b) A no-doubt rambling post about generational shifts in political vision and action and how old people like me ought to be dealing with a) being a failed generation b) getting past it c) being inspired by young people d) not becoming grumpy at young people who do things differently d) doing what our tired old brains and bones still can do to help e) growing more leftwing the older I get.  This post would build on a) this article I wrote a year or two back for a regeneration magazine before I discovered blogging b) this intriguing post-Christmas blues post from Susan that I’ve only just picked up and not commented on yet.

c) A massive self-congratulatory post for getting £500 from the PCT for things to do with kids on bikes

 d) A critque of those really very muddled bishops with some data in about how much the Anglican church has been into both borrowing and begging cash off the government while it suited it, and in vague reference to this post by Dave and ongoing ‘consume for your country’ post like this from Mil.

e) Rural transport stuff

f) More stuff on the welfare White Paper and associated gubbins, not least responding to Dogstartscribe’s post here when I’ve got my head round it.

 I think I’ll use Single Transferable Votes this time, so please give order of preference for as many as you want to see.  Polls will close later, when I say so and with no warning.


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