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Mil as intellectual disciple of Norm?

01.08.09 | Comment?

Not many of the same words, but a striking similarity of relucant acceptance, all the same:

From Mil:

‘So can we keep the label as we simply change who’s got their grubby mitts on the levers that move millions? Is it possible, by some weird accident of history, for a society of consumers – the very offspring of the enemy – to turn an unpredictably engendering capitalism of the elites into a progressive community of the empowered?

Really what I am asking is whether in capitalism we should truly fear a coherent set of thoughts and their power to convince or whether we are simply up against the brute force of all that is callow in human beings.’

And from Norm, from the days when wrote good books battering Laclau & Mouffe for what he suggests is ther total, and not even a bit post-Marxist, acceptance of liberalism (ie. capitalism) as all that is good in world:

‘I will even affirm a certain, partial agreement with the sentiment expressed, not being one of those Marxists for whom there is a total gulf between Marxism and liberalism at all, and no continuity of common values at all.’ (p.120).

Perhaps it’s simply a matter of direction of travel, as the Audit Commission keep telling us.

p.s. Dave may be happy to know I’m looking at Norm’s book as part of my preparation for a no-doubt ill-advised attempt to defend, against seemingly insurmountable odds, the heuristic benefits of obcurantist and intellectually vacuous relativist ontology.  I can hear him licking his lips.

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