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01.13.09 | 5 Comments

As readers may know, I have very recently offered a full apology to the Chief Executive of West Lancashire District Council for any offence caused to him or any other reader in a now removed post.

Clearly it would not be judicous therefore to cover the substantive issues raised in that (satirical) post further here. However, as a generality I can say is that, as my blog has developed, what many of my posts have tended to be about is the exposition of ideological narratives and biases which rely on social ‘norms’ for their professed validity, but which ultimately contribute to material injustice and social harm. The deleted post sought to do that, using satire as its method of exposition. Other posts do not use satire, but are written for the same reasons.

I am not interested in offending people personally, not least because I believe that the material and ideological structures in place at the moment do much to constrain individuals’ actions, sometimes in conflict with those individuals’ better nature. However, I contend that it is a perfectly valid political act to critique individual actions and words in order to expose systemic social biases and inequities. I will continue to do this.

Nor am I interested in attending court to defend anything I might write here. This is partly because the courts in any such case would be likely to be institutuionally biased in favour of those with more legal resources than I have at my disposal, but mostly because this blog is not that important, and I’ve got better things to do with my time. Hence, in general, I think I will prefer to delete posts which others consider to have ‘pushed the envelope’ too far. Perhaps this will be the only case – time will tell.

I am not interested in being some kind of blogging martyr, because there’s too much to do.


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