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Which is the real Hazel Blears, then? Hazel’s or Dan’s?

02.26.09 | Comment?

 Hazel Blears, today, Labourlist

‘We would do well to be a little less anxious and a little more robust. And just as we are confident about speaking up against the race hatred of the BNP, we should be confident about condemning the intolerance of Christian extremists’ such as Fred Phelps, and we should be confident about saying ‘no’ to unacceptable practices that have their roots in different cultural traditions.

 Dan McCurry, 10 February, Labourlist

‘Hazel Blears today seems to be saying that we should be less confrontational. I don’t think that one way is correct and the other not, I think that times are just different. Being uncompromising then defeated the racists, whereas being uncompromising today will antagonise ordinary people whose thoughts are more to do with community insecurity than colour hate.

These days, on the doorstep when out campaigning, you are likely to come across people who are resentful towards other communities. Some are nasty, others less so. If you want the advice of a former slumdog myself then my way of handling them is to simply nod acknowledgment of what they’re saying, but not to respond other than that. I find they immediately calm down.’

In the end, I think a new blog I’ve discovered, the Bickerstaffe Record, is more coherent on this matter.

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