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Welcome to David

02.27.09 | Comment?

Further to Steve’s post, alert local blogger that he is, I just want to offer a warm collegiate welcome to David Sudworth to the now massively vibrant blogging scene in West Lancashire, which comprises Steve, David and me and maybe some others I don’t know about. 

David’s an local ex-journalist who covered the local political chicanery, skullduggery, incompetence and occasional flatulence very well while he was on that case, and it’ll be interesting to read his takes on what’s going on, or in his case down (he’s younger and more ‘yoof’ than me).

My basic rules for engagement with David’s blog will be as follows:

1) link to him repeatedly if he agrees with me;

2) link even more repeatedly if he ever commends anything I’ve written;

3) ignore him totally if I disagree with him or he says bad things about me.

4) sneak into his house and nick his computer if he says too many bad things about me.

I hope this will be seen as a fair and respectful interblogging relationship, which he will feel able to return in my direction.

So welcome again David.  But I must dash, I have to go and install a high-tech burglar alarm, and buy a guard dog with vicious pointy teeth.

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