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Dealing with Fred

02.28.09 | Comment?

Look, dealing with the Fred Goodwin issue is not hard – it just take a bit of logical thinking:Fred should, under the 2006 anti-terror legislation, be placed under a control order until such time as the authorities may be in a position to prosecute.

This is because:

1) Terrorists are people who are out to destroy our way of life – a way of life which is currently dominated in many ways by very rich people.

2)  Fred’s views and actions, in respect of the retention of his pension against almost all public opnion, are liable to cause ordinary people to wish to act in extreme and potentially violent ways towards himself and other very rich people.

3)  The 2006 legislation makes it a criminal offence to ‘directly or indirectly incite or encourage others to commit acts of terrorism.’

4) Ergo, Fred Goodwin must be a terror suspect.

Arrest him and bang him up, I say.  That’ll focus his mind on whether he really needs a pension.

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