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Bestowing patronage on some lowly bloggers

03.28.09 | Comment?

Now that I have a massive readership and am generally considered No1 blogger in the whole of Bickerstaffe, including South Lathom and Simonswood, it’s high time I bestowed a bit of patronage on some really lowly but deserving bloggers. 

So step forward for virtual anointment and such like:

 1 Blackburn Labour

Yes I know everyone’s going on about these guys now, but that doesn’t make them any less worthy. 

Actually ‘Blackburn Labour’ is more a full website than a blog, but it has blog bits on it, and I have to say I’m impressed at one level (though very confused by) their strategy of sending stuff straight to Iain Dale of Tory git fame.  I’ll be blogging something about that specifically tomorrow maybe, given the utter and abject wrongness of some of the stuff  on the Dalesite.

By far the best appreciation of the Blackburn site comes from my mate Steve Hanlon, who sees it for what it is – a really good local campaigning site using all the technological tools and options open to it to create a decent ‘dialogue’ (in time) with Blackburn residents, who are, for all its recent national appeal, its core readership. 

I especially like the ward-by-ward coverage and the wardfinder thing; I’ll be impressed if they maintain coverage in the way they clearly intend.  As ever, ‘content is king’. All in all, a local site the like of which we in West Lancs should aspire to, as Steve has said.

2  The People’s Republic of Mortimer

Back to traditional one-person bloggers now.  This is Alix Mortimer’s blog, which I’d not really seen before until her ‘Six Reasons why Labour Britain is doomed’ got a quite a lot of coverage (at Liberal Conspiracy amongst others, I seem to remember).

The post itself is a wee bit mean in places, like to Toby Perkins who is criticised a bit needlessly for being in his 30s and, as he retorts, actually bothering to have a had a life apart from trying to be an MP, and has worked pretty hard as a councillor, I think.

 But the main reason I like the site is it’s really well-written, in the playfully articulate, stream-of-consciousness way I like.

Take a bow, Alix.  This bestowal is much more important than any poxy prizes you might get.

Citizen Andreas

I like detail, and although he’s utterly, nutterly wrong about speed limits, Andreas is good at it from a Left perspective, and well worth reading.  He also seems like a genuinely nice bloke – the blog has nice bloke written all over it.  Oh, and he took on Tom Harris very well, so he must be good.

Hopi Sen

I’m not sure why I’ve not already got Hopi on my blogroll.  Anyway, everyone loves Hopi so there’s not much need to say much, other than like Andreas he does detail and he does it well. 

I don’t agree with everything he writes, but it’s usually based on some kind of reasoning I can engage with and – unlike most of the ‘big boy bloggers’ – he’s courteous enough, and engaged with his subject matter enough, to respond to comments with some thought, and without belittling commenters as lesser blog beings, like I used to be before I became a massively important blogger.

 5  Your Thurrock

This blog-cum-local news site came back to my attention the other day when Terry Hickson defected to Labour and I looked up what they were saying.   I also made mention of it here, as an example of what a new left alternative media might style itself on at local level.  

Like Blackburn Labour, it’s trying to do what it says on its tin – reach and engage with the people of Thurrock – only with more video stuff and without Labour anywhere in site. And like Blackburn Labour, I think it offers a good local model for what can be done. 

A Very Public Sociologist

Like Hopi’s site, I don’t know why this isn’t on the blogroll already.  Very good analysis from a key thinkerperson or two in the Stoke-based bit of the Socialist party.  There was particularly excellent coverage of the recent oil refinery industrial action, with good links into what was happening ‘on the grounds’, which put most of the left blogosphere to shame (not that it noticed).

That’e enough new patronage for one day.  I need to lie back and eat some grapes now.

 Coming up some other time, an appreciation at the marvel that is Though Cowards Flinch, which has already been patronisingly blogrolled, but deserves another bit of praise for its very special robustness of style.

And another time after that, maybe a list of blogs that people say are really good because everyone else does, but which are actually totally rubbish and wrong and stupid.

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