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04.28.09 | 3 Comments

The local political grapevine has been hard at work today, and if it’s the kind of thing that floats your boat, you’ll probably already know that I’ve been elected as Leader of the Labour Group of Councillors in West Lancashire, and can therefore be called Leader of the Opposition or some such.  Also elected as Deputy Leader is my colleague Bob Pendleton, who is a very fine fellow.

What with internet failure and calls to make and work to do, this is the first opportunity I’ve had for comment.

So, here  and without further ado, is a completely unremarkable personal statemement which tells you absolutely nothing in particular:

‘I am very pleased, indeed honoured, to be elected as Leader of the Labour group, and have a plan to work very, very hard with only occasional stops for cups of coffee, toilet breaks and an absolutely ideal family life with my gorgeous wife,  marvellous children and bouncy dogs.  I am going to buy another tie as well.

There is a lot to do, and the focus will be on standing up for the people of West Lancashire, who have been let down by the Conservative administration to date.  I think I may possibly have mentioned that on this blog somewhere or other.

I will also continue to serve the people of Bickerstaffe to the very best of my abilities, in my role as ward councillor.  This is linked of course to the wider situation in West Lancashire, since District-wide services affect Bickerstaffe residents, but Bickerstaffe-specific casework and local campaigning will continue as before, with dedicated time set aside for this.

As for this blog, I can’t see too much change taking place.  It will continue to be a mix of long rambling stuff about wider stuff,  long rambling stuff about local stuff, and sometimes even long rambling stuff, quoting both Habermas and Kant, which relates the local stuff to wider political theory and philosophy in posts that no-one will read but which keep me happy, sad geek that I am.


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