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West Lancs shocker as new Labour leader agrees with Southport Libdem bloke

04.29.09 | Comment?

Two days in the West Lancashire Labour leader job and my political credibility is in tatters.

I went on to Liberal Conspiracy for a quick ganders at who was saying what about what, and to see if anyone else had commented on the debut post I put there the other day, and the first thing I see is a post from Paul Sagar, who’s a researcher bloke for John Pugh, the Libdem MP for Southport (just up the road from me).

And I find myself agreeing with what Libdem Paul says!

Paul reckons that a previous Comment is Free postis total codswallop and the new 50% tax rate for high earners won’t actually have people moving abroad as soon as they can pack several large, well-appointed suitcases and don the emergency Swine Flu mask, and that even if they do there’s lots of people can do what they do anyway.  Well, that a rough sketch of what he said.  (Some of the comments pick up Paul’s use of what is considered Paul’s ‘disablist ‘ language, but I certainly don’t think there is any intent to offend on Paul’s part, and to his credit he engages seriously with the issue of language, where others might have dissed the initial commenter for over-PCness)

Actually, I said the same stuff herea while ago about the substantive 50%  rate issue (except pre-budget it was a 45% idea), though my focus was on the overall more important issue of the convenient ‘myth’ that higher levels of corporate tax drives out business investment.

Anyway, must restore credibility immediately before my fellow councillors find out……

So for the record, the Libdems are a rubbish party with no overall coherence in political philosophy or consequent policy platform.  They’re nearly as bad as the Greens for overall not-with-it-ness.  I mean, at least we know where we stand with the Conservatives, even though they say things like ‘compassion’ every now and then when it suits.

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