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05.28.09 | 4 Comments


Life down Bickerstaffe Record way is busy at the moment what with this, that, the other, some more of the other, an occasional visit from a Lacanian Big Other, and a massive piece of non-blog writing to do (about 80,000 words), so there’s not going to be much time for monster blogs over the next week or three.

So, more as a note to self than anything else, here’s a list of the bigger posts that are in my head, and may make it to computer screen but probably not.

There’ll obviously be other matters that just crop up and demand bloggery as time goes on, not least analysis of the elections and how it all went.

As ever, please do say which you’d prefer to see first, and if there’s anything else you’d like 2,500-4,000 words on from the Bickerstaffe Record, and I’ll probably ignore it.

The list as it stands, in no particular order:

a) More on the rise of the BNP and how we should tackle it (probably best left to after the elections now and written in the knowledge of what vote they get

b) ‘Reclaiming the Labour party’, moving from an assessment of how resource dependency theory is relevant to recent developments (MP expenses scandal) toward an assessment of the practical steps that might be taken by the Left to (re)assert socialist values and practice at local and then wider level. This one won’t be short, I’m afraid, as I’m practising for the book.

c) ‘Grant funding by Trusts and Foundation’ – part of the problem or the start of the solution?’ – an assessment, on the basis of my experience as a trustee of a medium side grant-making trust (5 million year) of the extent to which grant making policy and practice may simply embed inequalities (and stave of challenge to it), and what needs to change to ensure that the change many trusts actually (kind of) want to see actually happens.

d) Children Centres five years on – a grassroots review of what Children’s Centres have achieved,but also where they’ve fallen short as a result of – yes, you’ve guessed it – policy making not being in tune with the reality of policy implementation, especially in respect of the hidden power structures at work in local authorities, and senior management cultures.

e) The Local Development Framework (land use plan for next few years) being developed for West Lancashire and how hi-falutin’ strategy influences real people, especially if it’s not done very well, and what real people and their real political parties should seek to do about it

f) At Don Paskini’s recent instigation, a policy formation & implementation based review of the now-in-bidding-process

£1billion Future Jobs Fund, and how we might influence it’s implementation for the better, on the basis of what we know really works (as opposed to what’s cheapest).


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