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Crikey, I’m up for election

05.29.09 | Comment?

 Now then, it occurs to me I’m up for election on Thursday, so I’d better say ‘vote for me, I’m great’ and such.


For clarification, I’m up for election for Lancashire County Council, West Lancashire South division, about 7 times as big as my current Bickerstaffery (that’s the borough council, keep up with the two tier status issues at the back there).

Between you and me I stand about as much chance of winning this County election as Eliot Morley stands of winning Britain’s Got Talent (I’ll leave you to describe the act).

But heh, you’ve got to try, and it may just be I’ll sweep to power on Thursday what with me being massively popular, and then I can pretend all my campaign support for other more ‘target’ divisions in West Lancs was a very clever bluff manoeuvre, and that I really should run Gordon’s campaign what with the counter-intuitive brilliance and all.

Failing that, it’s important to do what we can, wherever we are, to stop the BNP getting a Euro MP (elections held on same day).

So in that spirit here’s the text of my totally marvellous election addess leaflet thing going out in the next couple of days courtesy of the willing helpers across rural and suburban West Lancashire, which starts with  the County election and what a bunch of rotten imcompetent numpties the local Tories are, but then moves quickly on to how we really, really, really need to stop the BNP.



Dear voter

A vote on 04 June is a vote against racism

Labour candidate for West Lancashire South (County Council election)


My name is Paul Cotterill.

I am the Labour councillor for Bickerstaffe Ward (on West Lancashire Borough Council), leader of the Labour opposition on the Conservative-controlled West Lancashire Borough Council. I am also the candidate for the West Lancashire South area (Bickerstaffe, Aughton and the ‘Western Parishes’) in the 04 June election for Lancashire County Council.





At my website you can read more about me, my politics, what Labour councillors are trying to do to remedy some of the mistakes and omissions by the local Conservative administration in West Lancashire and, for good measure, my views on how the Labour party should handle the MP expenses scandal.


The Conservative administration in West Lancashire has, sadly, failed its residents. It has, for example, failed to provide free swimming for children, while ALL other councils around it have done so; it has failed to provide adequate concessionary travel, unlike ALL other councils around it. It has failed to argue the case for proper investment in bus and rail infrastructure. Details of all these failures, and more, are on my website.


In essence, it has failed to take responsibility. .A vote for Labour in the County elections on 04 June is a vote for responsible local government.


At the same time as the County elections, elections will take place for the European Parliament. As you may know, the leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin is standing for election.


This man is a racist, and a holocaust denier. His recently posted election leaflet is explicitly islamophobic, and the leaflet was so repulsive that many postmen and women in the North West have refused to distribute it. You can read more facts about him at












The PR-style system of election used for the European election means that if he gets around 9%-10% of the vote, the North West will have this racist thug as one of our representatives in Europe. I know that the vast majority of you would think this a very bad thing indeed.


Facing Nick Griffin, there are decent, honest Labour candidates, including Theresa Griffin (absolutely no relation!). Theresa is a committed, hardworking community activist from Liverpool, with values of decency and tolerance at her core. Read more about her and her colleagues at It is vital that this decent Griffin beats the odious Griffin in Thursday’s vote.


A large turnout, with votes cast for ANYONE other than the BNP, will stop the odious Griffin being elected. The bigger the turnout, the lower the chance of him being your MEP. So while obviously I’m keen that you put your cross in the Labour box, my plea to you is to get out and vote for any mainstream, non-racist party. Now is the time to cast your vote for tolerance and decency.


Yours sincerely



Paul Cotterill






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